Insulin Resistance - Please Help!

My daughter has had type 1 for six years and Celiac for three. She is very insulin resistant and currently she is not responding to short-acting insulin and she is getting huge doses. Has anyone else had this experience? We are hitting one dead end after another. Please help!! Thanks!

How old is your daughter?  What type of insulin dose she take and can you give an example of typical doses (ie: 50u of Lantus at bed and 10-15u of Humalog before each meal)?  Does she vary where she gives injections or does pump sites?  Is she taking steroids or any other drugs?  Any struggles with eating disorders?

Sorry to be so nosy, just trying to understand the situaton better.  You're welcome to send me a private message.  

Sorry... just saw you answered all my questions in another post.  I'll respond there.

What was your answer to this question? I have noticed lately the same thing...


How old is the person with insulin resistance?  What was his/her dose and what has it increased to?