Insulin Resistance

Was throwing this out there to see if anyone else has built up a resistance to an insulin and subsequently switched over to a new one.  When I was first diagnosed I was on Regular but after a few years my BS were not coming down.  So my endo thought maybe I have built up a resistance and said he was switching me over to a new insulin called Humalog.  My BS were basically cut in half after the switch.  Good stuff.  Only a few years after being diagnosed my body was rejecting the stuff that was keeping me alive.  So, anyone else ever deal with this?

I've never heard of this. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has...

Yes. Insulin resistance can happen to anyone whether diabetic or not, t1 or t2. I have some insulin resistance too, but my insurance doesn't cover Apidra so I'm still using Humalog. Basically, switiching insulins is just a way to trick your body into thinking it's something different even though they work the same. After time, the same thing will continue happening.  

I have since switched again from Humalog to Novolog and I am on Lantus as well.  Started off on NPH.

I remember back in the 90's I was on beef R and had to switch to purified pork R. Nothing has happened like that since the switch to the synthetic insulin, Humalog. Not that I am a cheerleader for the stuff, just haven't had any resistance.