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This was a discussion posted in the JDRF group on LinkedIn.  I was interested to know too, if any of us would use this if it came out.  I commented on the discussion that it would depend on how expensive it was and how often you would have to refill your prescription.  I mean, on average, I refill one vial of Humalog a month.  If this spray does not hold a month's supply and you were having to refill every week or even 2 weeks, it would not be as efficient and I'd probably stay on a pump.  Not unless, insurance allows you to get a multiple supply in one refill.  Like I tried to get a 3 month supply of Humalog in one refill so I'd only be paying my prescription co-pay of $25 every 3 months instead of every month.  However, my insurance company said I was not allowed to do that.  OF COURSE NOT!  Those greedy-money hungry-change eating-dollar bill sucking companies...well, I can't go into that now.  Anyway, so yeah, it seems like a good concept.

Insulin as a spray appears to be safe and effective - does not go through the lungs-. Will people use it?

A study published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, an independent review of clinical trials of Generex Oral-lyn(TM) shows that the oral insulin spray has a faster onset of action and shorter duration of action than insulin delivered subcutaneously. It does not go through or affect the lungs. It is safely and efficiently delivered in pain-free, standardized doses via the Company's proprietary RapidMist(TM) device, which looks like a simple asthma inhaler, but provides complete absorption through the buccal mucosa (lining of the mouth) with no deposit in the lungs.

This seems to be useful for both T1D and T2D patients who require insulin and might even expand the market.. The product, which has already been approved in some countries, recently got approval by the FDA's Investigational New Drug (IND) program and is currently in Phase III trials. If, as seems likely, it gets FDA approval in the next 12-18 months or so and is as good as they claim, will you use it to replace injections or pumps?

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Titos Anastassacos

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