Is it true that continuous insulin treatments will damage the kidney?


um, definitely not. that's a big "hell no, where do you get your information from?" let me recap: NO

insulin has nothing to do with the kidney. it's produced in the pancreas as a hormone. kidneys are affected by lots and lots of things. consistently elevated blood sugars is one of them. insulin pumps are not. 

i hope that cleared things up for you :o) welcome to juvenation: your place for much more accurate information. :D

He might be confused with the correlation btwn diabetes and increased kidney disease..which I can see is understandable. However, the answer is a definite no.


Diabetes causes kidney disease.  Insulin treats diabetes and helps the kidneys. 

Insulin works like a bridge that gets sugar from the blood into the cells.  If the insulin isn't there the sugar stays in the blood until it is cleaned out by the kidneys.  Then the sugar builds up in the kidneys until it is flushed out with water. 

That's undiagnosed diabetics lose weight, drink lots of water and go to the bathroom a lot... all the sugar that should be going to their cells is instead being urinated out of the body.  If this happens for a long time the kidneys wear out and stop working.

I've used insulin for 65 years and my kidneys are very healthy. The rest of me is healthy too, except for my pancreas. I guess nobody is perfect. Lol!