Insurance and pump supplies

My new fear is that my insurance will cover my pump but not the supplies. Is that possible?? They said they cover the pump and I didn't even think to ask about supplies!! Is it time to panic yet??


I dont think its time to panic yet.  You can still call them today and ask can't you?

If they cover a pump (which is a huge expense to them), they're going to cover the supplies (which are less hugely expensive). It's all a matter of how much they'll cover.  What may happen, and it's this way with my insurance, is that supplies will be counted as "durable medical equipment" instead of a pharmacy prescription...  so, for me, that means I pay 10% of the cost, instead of a set co-pay amount (like $20, or whatever the case may be.)  Every insurance company is different...  but I think you should definitley call and ask, so you know what to expect.

How did it turn out?  My Florida BCBS covered the pump and the supplies....but covered the supplies as DME subject to a huge deductible which was the same as no coverage for the supplies.  Years later we switched from a minimed pump to an omni pod which we like better only to find out the omni pod pump is less expensive...but the supplies are more expensive.  Any way to get the insurance to cover the supplies as a prescription benefit instead of DME?

LEM, I am in the same boat. My deductible is $2500 for DME which is separate from my other medical deductible, so basically they don't cover pump supplies. I am so frustrated bc I actually already have a pump (inherited from daughter who had to upgrade to a pump that held more insulin).

The more I hear the more I like my insurance better.  I have a $4000 deductible, but then everything is covered 100%.  Even DME.  There is an annual limit of $2500 on DME  ... and here is the best part... EXCEPT for diabetic and breast cancer supplies, then there is no annual limit.  The deductible is high, but that is for the whole family (of which my stuff covered 90% of it - go figure), and my company contributed more than half of that to my HSA since the premiums are cheaper for that plan than the traditional 80/20.