Insurance Coverage or Discounts to obtain Lantus

Our BCBS PPO policy stopped covering Lantus Jan 1, 2022. I am well controlled (49 yrs as T1) on Lantus and inhaled insulin but am detecting ketones now for first time in decades after trying the short acting insulin our BCBS policy will cover (the long acting they will cover does not work for me at all). Would appreciate any info others may have regarding discounts for Lantus or success getting your insurance to cover Lantus. Also does JDRF or another org maintain a listing of what Ins Plans cover what insulin?

Hi @cathycrisham and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear your plan no longer covers the formulation that works for you. I’ve had plans that changed their preferred formulary and dropped the one I was using, but my endo was able to authorize an override with my insurance so I could continue using it. I’m sure that involves documenting medical necessity - your doctor should know what to do.
You could also check apps such as goodrx, which give prices of the same drug at different pharmacies in your area.