Insurance question

Hello – has any type one family on here had any experience with Christian care/medishare? I’m curious how their coverage is for diabetic supplies and if they cover the DexCom and/or Omni pod…

Hi Lisa, I’m going to urge you to proceed with extreme caution when shopping for short term health insurance or health sharing ministries. Most of these plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and cap coverage for any other health needs. They also are not considered insurance and therefore are not subject to insurance regulations, so you will lose the ability to appeal to the state if something is denied. I took a look at the Medishare guidelines and they have a 36 month continuous enrollment rule before they will cover a pre-existing condition (like T1D) and will only pay out $100,000 of bills for a preexisting condition. They also will not be getting the insurance discounted rate, so list prices will be going toward that cap. Program Guidelines | Medi-Share
If you are shopping for insurance for your family, is the only place to get plans that must cover pre-existing conditions. More tax credits than ever are available to families to help afford coverage.
For more help with insurance and T1D, please see our Health Insurance Guide How to Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan for People with Type 1 Diabetes: Key Questions to Ask - JDRF
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Hi Lisa @Cnlschmidt!

I have Christian Healthcare Ministries. They do not cover the supplies for diabetes. They are mainly a life preserver for pregnancies and hospital visits. They do have a brother’s keeper add on that paired with the gold plan would have unlimited sharing. I have had blue cross and I can tell you that I paid $500 for my last child compared to my previous children where we had to shell out $5000 per child. We have also had emergency room visits and surgeries. They covered it all. I would ask for their information booklet. They also answer any questions.