Interest in Alyssa's T-shirts for the cure? IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, please read

An update on the current situation with the T-shirts:


These T-shirts are designed to support the cure and awareness of type 1 diabetes. If you have not heard about this project, you can read more about it here.

Unfortunately, due to the price of the T-shirts, it has worked out so there is no money left to donate to JDRF. The price for a single shirt works out to be over $25.00, using CafePress. Because of this, I am currently trying to work out a different way to go about selling these shirts.

The first solution to this problem is the possibility of ordering in bulk. To do that, however, I need to have between 25-50 orders. For 25 T-shirts the price would work out to be around $10 a shirt, plus shipping/handling/tax.


In order to order T-shirts in bulk, I need to have 25-50 orders. So, I'm posting this to the forums to see what the general interest in these shirts are. Again, I need to have orders in order to do so. If I am able to get 25-50 orders over the course of the next few days, bulk ordering is a simple fix. If not, I'll find another way to work around this.

But please do respond, and hopefully order (  e-mail order to  ) so I can order the shirts in bulk.

Thank you,

WOW!! That's a great idea! I will totally check it out! B-)

I would say scale back the options to maybe three or four.  That way the company can mass produce a single shirt for a bulk order which would reduce the cost. 

Joe, that's one of the things I'm looking into. Not sure yet if it will come to that, I'm hoping I won't have to choose between designs; but we'll see.

It will probably help more in the initial phase since there is very little being generated in the way of your goal.  Once there is a larger dent placed in it, offering up more selections would become more ideal.  Pick the two most popular designs and go with those.  I've dealt with mass orders of shirts before and it is a pain having to limit yourself but it works in the end.

Sounds good; I'll go through the designs in the morning.

I hope you pick the insulin one... I want to order that one!

Sure, Kate, that can be one of the two as it seems pretty popular. Other than that I think I'll pick the 'I support the cure of type 1 diabetes, for me/my ___.'