Interesting about research project

I found this site from a newsletter from the company that stores my son's cord blood. What I found interesting from it is this quote:

“We know that no one thing is going to reverse diabetes,” Haller said. “It will be like AIDS or cancer; patients did not start getting better until a combination of drugs were administered. The same will most likely be true with diabetes. We think it will require a combination of treatments, and maybe one day it will have to do with these regulatory cells.”

What do you think that means? Like, they'd have to implant stem cells AND reverse the auto-immune response? It sounded depressing b/c it would mean that one research project couldn't find a cure. :-s

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there isn't just one project that will cure us because of the whole issue with the immune response.  I've actually met Dr. Haller and he is one of the leading researchers/endocrinologists out there so I'm assuming he has a lot of insight into what's being done.  It is a little depressing; diabetes seems so much harder to cure than even many obscure genetic diseases.