Interesting article on diabetes DIY

I found this article this morning. I’m not giving the info a :+1:t4: or :-1:t4:, just sharing if the @moderators will allow.


Hellow @wadawabbit thanks for the link!! These technologies gives hope for all of us!! Cheers to me trying to manage BS and live healthy in the country with no access to these technologies :joy:

Depending on where you are located some countries are ahead of the US when it comes to technological advances and medication options. I hope one way or another you find what you need. Of course be sure to do your research before jumping aboard. All the best to you!

Dorie @wadawabbit “Doctors giving ‘OFFICIAL’ thumbs up”. Nothing official about this, it is just that a particular group of writers decided to earn a publishing fee. If you follow “official” FDA Approvals, you would have seen that the US FDA created a few years ago a category for classifying such interactive medical [glucose monitoring] devices. A specific application for this category was the iCGM applied to Dexcom G6; the lowercase letter “i” indicates interoperable which means that data produced may be used by other systems/devices.

If you look closely at these technological advances, you will see that many are developed by US R&D, with US Funds, by US Companies [Abbott. Dexcom, Medtronic, etc.] and then test-marketed in alien lands where regulatory matters are less stringent.

Bottom line, some of these DYI systems are really effective and can be more easily adapted to an individual’s needs providing the person has the needed skills to link devices, and programs the algorithm. There are a few TON Members who have posted Topics here sharing their successes with DYI which they used with doctor agreement.

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Thank you as always for your contributions @Dennis. When I referred to advances and technology in other countries I was referring to certain pumps and meds (not necessarily diabetes related) that aren’t available here at least yet. Interesting to know many were developed here.

@wadawabbit Dorie, I think this is great news and appropriately shares the way many of us feel. #WeAreNotWaiting has been pushing this string up hill and it’s time for governments, regulating agencies, and big Pharma to get on-board and make the hard work of others a reality for the majority of us without throwing up road blocks to inventiveness and requiring study after study after study! As many say, “Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!” Could we please stop studying things to death and working around the margins. Yes we’ve made progress, but its taken 5 generations of people living with and dying from T1 and T2 while big Pharma gets rich on incremental improvements. There’s an ever growing population needing leap frog advances! …OK, Soap Box mode off.

Here is the link for another interesting article on Diabetes Technology:
[ type-1-2.png\ 35x35 ### Automated Insulin Delivery: Six Universal Observations and Understandings](https://)

We are re-sharing Dr. Laurel H. Messer’s six universal facts about automated insulin delivery systems, and the things she recommends you should keep in mind about this helpful technology.

I’m also not saying thumbs up or thumbs down. I just find the differing views interesting!

Pam K
T1D 57 years and counting!


This is a terrific read — thank you for sharing!

Yes Pam @pamcklein , Dr. Messer’s article is interesting and informative. I considered her suggestions and tips a couple of years ago when I was considering my move to CIQ. And YES, given my age and considering the probability of decreasing functionality I chose the “lazy-man” path and went with the automated system while sacrificing optimal diabetes management of relying on my own skills.

Thanks for sharing. When I was diagnosed in 1977 they told me a diabetic has to be their own doctor. Still true today.

I’m happy to share it. I really found it interesting as well. Since going on the pump with CGM I have struggled with the loss of control. Now after reading this, I am going to discuss with my doctor whether CIQ, or even the pump is a good fit for me as I am one of those people who try to micromanage my pump settings, always trying to get better numbers. Perhaps, after reading this article, more than the pump can actually offer!

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thank you but FDA Approvals is okey? :smile:

No. You might be interested in @Dennis ’ response from November re approvals and device development.