International Exchange Group

Hi everyone

Luca, my son has just turned 13 and is talking about going to say a couple of weeks in the summer abroad  to stay with a family (this is quite normal in Europe) and then we will host the other teenager here in Italy. I am horrified at the idea of having far away with a family that does not know how to cope in an emergency and furthermore worried that they might not accept him once they know he has diabetes.

Luca copes welll and considers himself "normal" as he should, I am afraid that a bad experience would unbalance him and ruin all the hard work we and all our loved ones have put into teaching him to accept his condition.

I am therefore wondering if we could set up a network in which we could give our kids the opportunity to get to know new people and see new places abroad with the comfort of knowing that they are being "looked after".

Any ideas would be welcome and Arrivederci...


I have several Italian families wishing to participate and our Italian Family Support Association would accept international children in our summer camps in exchange for the same opportunities abroad,

We are thinking about 14-17 year olds