Introduce yourself?

It kind of quiet love here so I thought maybe I would get the ball rolling with a bit about myself and my child with diabetes.

Alexis, mom of two. Oldest son Justice was diagnosed with type 1 in 2008. He uses an Animas Ping and DEXCOM G4. We are very active with our local JDRF, as well as the Diabetes Online Community.

Always looking to connect with other families. We are in Las Vegas.

You go. :slight_smile:


We're so glad you're here.  That's cool that you're active with JDRF and I'm sure you'll be able to help a lot of people with diabetes and their families.

Take care.


I'm glad I'm here too!  I'm trying to learn the abbreviations everyone seems to use.  So I'm T1 for 47 years, since I was 14.  Back in those days, my mom had to boil the glass syringe tube to sterilize for each injection.  Had to do urine testing as there were no glucometers and I cheated a lot because I hated to do the urine tests.  Now I have the Dexcom 7 cgm and am getting ready to switch over to a pump.  I guess I'm making up for a lot of lost time, time when I could have been doing better.  

You're in decent health after 47 years.  You obviously have done something right!


I love hearing success stories like that! I think it's great for you to share as well, shows how far advancements has truly come.

Great hearing advice from adults with Diabtes as well, since our babies do grow up! :)

I've had t1 for 23 years. Work as a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. Wear an Animas Ping. Used to use a CGM but had to stop due to adhesive allergy. I blog at C's Life ( I really love puppies. Especially mine.