Introducing Clara Marguerite!

Hi All.  I posted several times during my pregnancy so thought I'd let everyone know I gave birth to a healthy little girl on February 3rd!  She was 8lbs, 1oz and 20 inches long.  I didn't have any diabetes issues during the delivery, however the cord was wrapped around her feet so they ended up doing a c-section late in the 2nd day of my induction (I was induced at 39 wks).  My endo and I set a new basal pattern for me to change to once I delivered and it worked out almost perfectly, we just had to make adjustments for breastfeeding once I had a little history on how that impacted me.  No major issues though and all is going great :). 

Thanks to all who provided advice and support during the pregnancy!  It really helped knowing others had experienced many of the same things I did... and all the work and worry is just a faint memory now!!  Little Clara is such a blessing.

Take Care,



What a precious little angel!! Congrats she is beautiful!!!

Congratulations Theresa! That is so special and pleased to hear that you and Clara are both happy and healthy.

We also had our baby daughter on 3 February, Nele, weighing 3750g (7lb 14oz) and 51.5cm (not sure how that converts but probably about 20 inches as well) and all going well with us and breastfeeding. 

It has been a delightful experience... even with the five hour unsettled screaming session we endured yesterday!

Best, Susan

Congratulations!!!!!!!! That is so exciting and she is such a pretty little girl! I am glad to hear everything went well! I can't wait to post similar news in just a few months! =)

What a BEAUTY! 

Good job Mom!

My Sara Elizabeth (named after her maternal great-grandmother,) will be making an entrance this summer!  I hope to have a smooth a time as you did!