Hello everyone -
I am about to turn 55 and was diagnosed 23 years ago with Type 1 insulin-dependent “Juvenile” Diabetes. I’ve been on Minimed pumps for the last 21 of those years. For the past few years have been on CGM, first with the “harpoon” of Minimed “Sof-serter”, then with Dexcom 4 (which was a good system… it would scream at me across the room when I was low at night), and now starting out with Enlite in preparation to upgrade my pump to the new Minimed (the one that shuts down delivery of basal due to low blood sugars). Still giving it a long test but am a bit dismayed at the several “weak signal” alerts - how can Dexcom read so far and Minimed CGM cannot… perhaps the nightly charging of the display? I don’t know.
I am new to this group and am sort of bummed by how down a lot of the members here are. I hoped to find hope here! I have three children who are depeding on me so I go to my doctor every 90 days and try to stay upbeat and as healthy as I can, despite a very busy and often stress-filled career. Anyway, I hope to still find lots of good news here, and hope to get to know some of you better as we make the best of it.


I am about to turn 34 and will have have been T1 for 32 years. I started on my first MM pump at age 18 and have been on CGM since 27. I understand what you mean about looking for hope when you have children depending on you. We have one living son (4-years-old) and a little girl (due 10/15/14).

I hope you find what you’re looking for from this group.

@GeorgiaCracker, Definitely a lot of positive T1s out there! Don’t forget that we tend to post more about the bad stuff than the good stuff…but the good stuff is still out there! I don’t have kids yet, but my husband and I are starting to plan for pregnancy (I’m starting to try out different pumps so I’m used to it before we get to that point). I imagine it takes a lot of mental strength for you to stay healthy and upbeat for your kids - way to go!

Hi Georgia -
I know what you mean that there is a lot of downer stuff out there, but since this is a support group, that’s often why people come here - to find camaraderie among people who “get it”! I’ve been Type 1 for 31 years, showing some signs of nephropathy and neuropathy, which has been discouraging, but getting back to this site has made me feel less alone and more positive. I feel optimistic that I can turn at least some of this around by refocusing on really tight control. Unfortunately I can’t assist with your CGM question, as neither the Minimed nor the Dexcom CGM’s worked with my body chemistry for some reason, so my data was so far off and not useful. But I understand the newest versions have better success rates, so I plan to try it again early next year once my insurance turns over.