My son, Brandan, was diagnosed in July 2007. He was 12 months, 2 weeks old. He is 4 years old now (will be 5 in June) and has been using an insulin pump since May 2010. He knows and understands a lot about his diabetes and every milestone he reaches in regards to his d-care makes me bitterly proud.

Hi Trish my daughter was diagnosed at 14 mos old, she is now two.  I am currently using the pens to inject her insulin (Novolog and Levamir) and was wondering why you decided to change to the pump and how you knew he was ready for it.  I have people telling me that the pump is not any better but it seems like it would be. 

Thanks any information is appreciated.


Hi Angie. :)

I decided to put him on the pump for the more accurate insulin doses. Giving him doses in 1/2 unit increments meant a lot of highs and lows. He was 3 (almost 4) when he got his pump. I explained to him the best I could that the pump would give him insulin. My biggest worry was that he would have to wear it all the time and I wanted to make sure he understood that. He adapetd to it right away. It never bothered him to have it on, not even to sleep in. He wears pump packs, which are little cases attached to a belt, sorta like a fanny pack, but much smaller. His pump stays inside it at all times and it never gets in his way or slows him down at all.

The decision to try it was not an easy one to make. I finally figured it was at least worth a try and we could always go back to shots if he wanted. It's his choice. It has made a big improvement in his blood sugars and A1C. Do you have any specific questions or concerns I could help you with? Every child  is different, but I would be glad to share our experience. :)

Hey guys! My daughter was recently diagnosed at 23 months. It has been a ROUGH month! We hope to learn more and more, but are pretty overwhelmed at this point. I have had to quit my job because my daughters sugars are so up and down. Do you moms still work? How do you trust someone else with your baby? It is all so new to us, but I just don't see how someone else watching her is ever going to work... Thanks so much for your input, it is GREATLY appreciated! : )

Hi, Stephkey. I quit my job when my son was diagnosed. It wasn't actually my choice, though. My MIL was our babysitter and she didn't want to take care of him anymore. I didn't have anyone else and sure wasn't putting him in daycare after being diagnosed. :/

It will get easier to trust someone else, but only to a point. Even when my son is with my husband, I call to check on his BG, etc. Hang in there. I know that it's the last thing you wanna hear, and I know you won't believe it anyway, but IT GETS EASIER.