Has anyone had iontophoresis? I'm in physical therapy for tendonitis in my ankle, and they recommended iontophoresis, where a steroid is applied transdermally. The pt said he hasn't heard of it causing problems with BG, but I've also been told inhaled steroids won't cause BG problems, and they definitely did for me.

Have you had iontophoresis? what body part? did it effect BG? anything else I should consider? Thanks!

I have had it done on my thumb/wrist but I'm not T1. I think it would be less likely to cause systemic effects than inhaled steroids. (The lungs are essentially a mass of blood vessels literally 1-2 cell layers away from the inhaled substance so absorption would be quick and widespread - enough so that there is an inhaled insulin treatment in clinical trials.) Your ankle vasculature is not the same in any way. You will probably get one treatment and then have another a few days or a week later, so at least you could try it and see if it has any bad effects on your BG before you do another treatment.

I am a physical therapist assistant, so I'm familiar with ionto and apply it all the time at the clinic I work in. I don't remember ever learning about it affecting blood sugar levels. I think that if this would be one of the side-effects, I would have learned about it. I have used it on patients with Type 2, and they have never mentioned it raising their BG.