iPhone Food Logging?

My endo wants me to keep a food log while I'm pregnant... and I'm TERRIBLE about it.  A couple days before a two-week appointment, I'll start writing down everything I can remember as far back as I can go.  So I really only end up with a couple days of really accurate food logging.

I have an OK log sheet for this stuff, so it's not like it's difficult or confusing.  It's just that a can't get myself to pull out that damn sheet of paper and write it down.

But I think if I did this stuff on my iPhone, I might actually do it more often.  I mean, I usually have my phone sitting right out in front of me anyway.  But I probably wouldn't both if it's a big pain in the butt.

Today, I started using MyFitnessPal.  It's OK, but a little bit tedious, plus I'd love to be able to also put my blood sugar into the same app as my food log.

Do any of you know of a really simple app that would let me keep a food log, and possibly one that's also designed for blood sugar tracking as well?  (The BG tracking isn't vital, it would just be kinda handy.)  It doesn't have to be handy.  I would be happy, say, openning the app, pushing the lunch button, and just typing in a quick description of what I ate (as apposed to having to search a nutrition database).  Really, just simple.



I started using fatsecret.com at the suggestion of my dietitian.  I keep track of my glucose levels in the daily journal and keep track of my exercise on the site, too.  There is a corresponding phone application (Calorie Counter, but you can find it if you search "fatsecret"), so you can keep track on the go.  You can also scan the barcodes on food items and look up nutrition facts for many chain restaurants.  

It's also nice because, if you're a creature of habit, you can save entire meals to enter again at a later date.


Hope this helps, I'm finding it to be really helpful and user-friendly.

Track 3 app is great.  It costs $6 and is available for iPhones, Androids, etc.  It has a food log that gives you the total carb count for each meal.  I also took the time to add the nutritional info for meals I eat a lot.  The app tracks blood sugars and insulin and exercise.  Your results can be emailed to your doctor or anyone else. 

If you're looking for a free food log and carb counter, Lose It! is a good one. 

Thanks guys!  These look like pretty good apps.  I'm going to play witht he free ones and research the paid one tonight.

Heather -

can mark me down as a +1 on the FatSecret app (for Android, not iPhone - still a fantastic app!)  For me the barcode scan is a win, too - i'm LAZY about typing it in, lol