Iphone/itouch Apps for diabetes

A couple of people were asking me about iphone applications and these are the only ones I found that looked any good. If anyone knows of any others or has used any of these please list in this thread.

1. http://www.distal.com/diabeteslog/

2. http://www.martoon.com/diamedic/

3. http://glucose-charter.com/

4. http://www.zamazing-shop.com/appstore/application/294754639

5. http://www.iabetics.com  

This actually makes me consider an iPhone. I was planning on getting a Blackberry when I have the finances to accomodate it, but maybe the customizability of an iPhone and the availability of apps like this may make me change my mind.

Now I really want an iPhone or an iTouch...though I'd probably damage the iPhone quickly(my cells don't last long)...hmm...maybe I'll get an iTouch so I can use these :)

Thanks for posting the list!

Wow thats awesome.. I was about to get an iPod touch! I am so tottaly getting it!!