iPod Applications

Hi everyone. I am in the process of procrastinating sleep...putting off sleep what a great idea huh? But I was just curious if anyone knew of any good diabetes applications for the iPod Touch.  I have one and it is pretty good, but I wanted to know what everyone else used. I guess this is a random question formed due to my boredom.

Oh and wouldn't it be kind of cool if there was an application that was like "life as a diabetic" where you had to take care of yourself like a diabetic does. I don't know I guess that might just be my sick and twisted humor/need for educating other people. Then they would know what it is like to a point to be a diabetic. :) I'd make it free so people would be more likely to try it, lol

I don't use any diabetic apps, but I do have one called "Lose It" which is wonderful for carb counting!