Ipod/ Iphone applications

I would like to know if anyone has downloaded any applications for their iPhone or iPod touch?   I saw that the company that makes the track 3 has an application, but I want to find out some info about it before I purchase it..... any other app suggestions would be appreciated as well!

Thank you  :)

Hi Kristy,

YES the 'iPhone APP' for the Track3 Diabetes Carb Counter/Planner has just been released recently and it retails for $7.99 I believe.   However, there were a couple of 'glitches' thru Apple that need to be corrected (they may have already fixed the problems?) .  When these Apps are submitted they have to make sure the 'systems' work properly.  I will be happy to keep you posted on the Track3 App....it will be GREAT for all your carb counting (70,000 foods,etc), BG, Insulin, Exercise, Ketones, etc. to all be kept in one quick place!  You can save favorites, meals, recipes as well!  We are also going to be adding a " carb/insulin ratio" data base soon (so that you can put in carbs and it will tell you how much insulin according to the ratio you put in!)....this will be a GREAT addition!  It will be a 'free upgrade' when it is out!

You can go to my website at:  www.track3dmd.com  to read more about the products and when the 'iPhone App' is ready It will be posted on my site!  I will also post a 'message' here on Juvenation as well!  We are also working on a 'Blackberry' App as well !  The CalorieSmart App is also out with 'iPhone'

Let me know if you have any further questions or need any more help!



I have two apps on my Ipod Touch that I really love. One is CarbFinder. I believe I paid $2 for it. It is a great reference for looking up how many carbs are in thousands of foods. They also have 22 restaurants that you can look up food for.  The other app is GlucoseBuddy. It was free at the time I got it, i don't know if it still is.  I can enter in my blood sugar levels, food, exercise and medication. It has an online component to it also so that I can go online and get all different graphs and interesting things.  I hope this helps and if you have any questions about either of these or find some other good apps let me know!! 


Thank you both for the info...... I downloaded the Glucose buddy, but I am trying to find something similar to the form that my nutritionist gave me ..... 

 I was contemplating purchasing the track3, but if it is the same type of info, it would be cheaper to download the application......



Hi Kristy....the  Track3 App will be the same type of info as the Device....but actually the App has more foods on it!  75,000 foods, 500 brands, and over 250 restaurants!  I will be communicating with the manufacturer the first of the week, and I will update you on the 'glitches' I was speaking of....!!!

The Track3 Device itself is great too....it just depends on whether you have the 'iPhone' or not?  The Diabetes Educators/Nutritionist love it because the software shows every food and nutrition values for everything you eat!  The charts and graphs can really help them see how your BG, insulin, exercise, food, meds....are all working together to reach your goals! The Track3 has over 50,000 foods, 500 brands, 250 restaurants!

I will be back in touch!


www. TRACK3dmd.com   


Hey, I have a question .... Has anyone out there who wears a CGMS (mine is the MiniMed Real-Time) also got an iPhone or iPod touch? I'm thinking of getting an iPhone, and worry about radio interference with my CGM while using the iPhone. Has anyone had that problem?



I have the CGM by Minimed and also an iPod touch and I have not had any problems or interferrence.

I like Glucose Buddy on the iPhone.  I was using another one and just found this one and prefer it more now.  

For some more information on Glucose Buddy check out this website:


It really does a lot for helping keep track of BG, Food, Medicine, and even Exercise.  I don't use them all but it's easily synced from the iPhone to the computer which can give you some pretty sweet graphs.