Ipod/Iphone apps that are free and priceless for diabetics!

If you have an iphone or ipod there are a few apps I would love to recommend.  One, is "Lose it".  This is a weight loss app, but on the settings you can add carbs as one of the nutritional values you can receive info on.  Long story short, you can look up almost any food to find the amount of carbs it contains.  I'm sure the seasoned veterans prob know all carb counts by heart but this is very useful for me.  oh, and it's free.  Another is little chef.  Also free.  This one helps with  how many cups are in a gallon? type of situations.  I find this priceless when I'm trying to figure out the carbs in my homemade concoctions.  And, there's several diabetes log apps to choose from, I picked the free one.  Just loaded it tonight, will let everyone know in a couple of weeks how well it is working out.  I'm hoping at the very least it will be helpful when we are eating out, because if I don't write it down then, I usually forget by the time we get home.  I hope this helps some of you.  I swear I don't work for apple, but I have to tell you, I think these apps are enough reason to buy an ipod or iphone. 

any chance i can talk LG into making an iphone thing?  on the verizon network?  puhleezee!

Thanks for writing this....I have been looking into IPod apps, to make carb counting easier.  I have my son waiting for me to count and bolus and I want to make it more intresting to him so he will want to be involved.  Right now it's pretty boring to 8 yr old boy!!

I have an iPhone and I use the "diabetes log" app to log all my blood sugars, carb intake, and insulin intake. It's so handy because I'm constantly glued to my phone so when I check I just type it into my phone. Then when I need to get my numbers I just export the numbers and doses to my email and print it out on my computer. Totally a life saver cause I always forget to write it down. Is there any other handy ones out there that I don't know about??