You know how people always assume that our pumps are mp3 players or whatever...

Wouldn't that be neat if our pumps really COULD hold music?

If it could what would be the first song you'd put on there? I think the first song I'd put on would be "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung

haha im not sure i'd want another cord running from it to my ears..."body music" lol

any led zeppelin for me.

 I think I would put "Crazy Train" by Ozzie Osbourne on my meter because that what I feel I am on sometimes.

OMG Savs...I thought I was the first person to think of the iPump....LOL. I think it would be even better if it was a pump, held music and a cell phone....LOL

Aha, great minds think alike I guess xD Yes! That'd be great! And what if... instead of having like headphones it was kind of like those toothtunes (or whatever they're called) things and just like.... played the music through your nerves or something so only you could hear it...

but then instead of a song getting ON your nerves... it'd get IN your nerves I guess...

I think if you get enough people to contact Apple they might do it.  they're the first to do everything.

Aha, I think if that did ever happen and I got one, I'd run around to everyone who ever asked if it was an mp3 player and be like "GUESS WHAT!!!!!! NOW IT IS!"

I would buy it!!

HAH good idea!

-ally <3

But than it would be the first wired cell phone...

Maybe we could have apple team up with the omnipod people to make it wireless?

I've always wanted games on my pump :) Calculators get them, but my "pancreas" doesn't? What's up with that?

are you trying to say my pancreas isn't good enough?!?

Aha, yes that would be fun to have games on it too

I'd be happy if my pump could just have different musical alarms.  One song for a low BG alert from my CGMS, another for a high BG alerts, a different one for a BG reminder. 

When I first got my pump a co-worker saw it and said, "Cool!  Is that an MP3 player?".

Yea, that would be nice, then you don't have to worry everytime you hear the alert as to whether it was something small like a BG reminder or something more important like a low res

The ping has the option to add your own "tunes" through the EzManager software. Granted it is something you have to generate with the keyboard on the program and can only be 24? notes I believe. But hey it is something and better then the beep beep we normally hear.