Is anyone else having to replace the PIng meter remotes often?

I'm very frustrated this morning.  Late last night Jeremy's meter remote went haywire again and now we're waiting till Wednesday to get another one.  He's only been pumping since June 2nd,  and he's on his second pump and this will be his fourth meter remote!!!  I keep hearing from Animas that it's just our bad luck,  but in just two months to have had that many malfunctions??!!!   We love his one touch ping,  but this is getting old.    Any one else going thru this?  

My ping remote died on my first attempt to put information on it from the food database, it still tested but that was all I could get it to do. SO they sent me a new one. This one was not liking the database at all so I just gave up for now. I mean I use the meter remote part, the food database is nice but I can live without for now.

I thought when I got my Animas 2020 (first pump ever) that I would use the food database all the time.  Truth is, I hardly use it at all!