Is anyone out there using the Omni Pod?

I use the insulin pen and syringe at night and people have told me pumps are great they change your life.  I tried one out with saline while I was a counselor at diabetes camp and didn't like it because of all the tubing.  My doctor suggested the OmniPod it's tubeless and has a cool wireless handheld device that tracks everthing.  I am curious if anyone is using it and how do you like it?

We just got the media kit in the mail today, and I put it on my daughter to see if it would bother her skin. She was dx'd on November 28th, and the shots aren't going well. She's only 4 and the tubing really concerns me. Plus I'm afraid with the other pumps that I wouldn't get her to sit still long enough to hook her all up. IF you go to the website you can try it out and see what you think of it. It doesn't cost anything to ask for a sample. 

I actually ordered that kit last year and tried it out for a few days, but it was still expensive for me at the time even with my insurance so i didn't actually get the omnipod.  The kit was great though I wore the thing for a few days and you can barely tell it is there half the time.  I'm curious how helpful the wireless handheld device is and if the omnipod has helped anyone control their sugar levels better. 

I can't imagine using a standard pump on a 4 yr old so omnipod is probably a better bet no tubing.  Maybe you could get the CGM along with it.  that is really the ideal case, but insurance can be tricky with the CGMs.  Good luck!