Is it just me?

is it just me or when people find out you're a diabetic, do they either ask you if you're fat (if you're not seeing them in person) or question why you're not? i hate it. i was just on xbox with friends and one of the kids mentioned my diabetes and another person i don't really know was like "oh. so you're fat then?" i hate it. everyone makes these stupid assumptions. is it just me or do you wish people where a little more educated on the topic?

Totally, the world could stand a few more people who are aware of the differences between type one and type two, and don’t just assume things.

well i'm glad :/


That happens to me a lot!:( It's stupid...and they should know that it would hurt people's feelings! I feel fat now because when u have diabetes and u aren't taking insulin ur skinny and now i have all my weight back:(

This one guy at school asked me if I had it, and I said I have type 1 because its genetic and type 2 people are usually overweight or 40 yrs old or something. Then i guess he didn't want to know about it or something, cause he said Well, i dunno, i guess you could be overweight. AND I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE!! he said it to my face:(

guhh i know what you mean. i wanna look like a model. plus high school isn't really the friendliest environment for diabetes. i mean people are so immature and  irresponsible and small minded. people have no manners. i wish more people we're educated about it.

i know or they ask if it is the good kind or the bad kind! i mean seriously!

I know it so crazy!There is this super skinny girl in my dance class and One time asked about me checking my blood sugar. So i told her i was a diabetic and she said and I quote " Well aren't you suppose to be like fat or something." Like she didn't believe me. And I told her ( through gritted teeth) the difference  between the two types and then she said " Oh well good you have the best kind then don't you?"

I wanted to throw something at her, didn't I just tell her i have to take shots for every meal and count every carb I eat and try not and go into a coma if i Over exert myself. Or sleep when taking too much insulin I just smiled a plastic smile and said Oh ya very  sarcastically. I think she got the message when she walked  out of the dressing room.

GOD!! i have an omnipod and stuff (dunno if you know what that is but you should google it. they're great.) anyways so it's a pump without the wire. i had it on my lower back/upper butt, and this girl in my dance class asked if i shit my pants. i only wear it on my arms now.

i love dance. more than anything. it was my biggest passion. i quit last year cause i kept crashing really low and i rarely got to dance. i loved it so much though. it got to be too much for me and my teacher was crazy and kept me dancing for 6 hours straight, every day, no breaks. i wish i could dance, but i'm scared i'm not good enough and i can't keep up cause of the diabetes and in general, diabetics tend not to have to dancer type body (me definitely being included, i dunno bout you.) but i wish i was dancing again. but it's girls like that that made we quit.

that girl is an ignorant person and needs to back off. GOD!! the nerve of some people. i hate it. a lot of kids say it's not that bad and don't know why i hate having it so much... um 1) i never complain. it's annoying. but i never complain. 2) BECAUSE I HAVE TO STAB MYSELF WITH A NEEDLE AND BE EXTRA CAREFUL!! i dunno if you're in high school sarah, but it sucks not being able to go out and party like a normal teenager cause you constantly have to monitor yourself and worry. god. that's why i hate having it!

totally agree with you charlotte!!! i want an omnipod when i get a pump! people just don't know what they are saying sometimes! ugh! I don't have a dancers body, but i bet ur a great one! some girls just need to stop being such idiots. i hate having this disease, but it's made me more confident in a way.  Sometimes I feel like I can't be a performer as much as I used to, and it's rlly hard since I just moved away. I went to a new school today and it sucked, i felt like I had to hide the fact that im diabetic, cuz people would be like eeeewww! what's that?!! i RLLY need to be a stronger person! haha.. also, don't u hate when people bump into you when ur taking a shot? one time, i was at a restaurant and a girl bumped into me, so it pushed the needle in super fast. it hurt like a bad word. :////

~I can still dream like I did before, but now(with diabetes) I have even more CONFIDENCE that I can do it.~

ruthoramaluvsoboes(Ruth Moore) ~diagnosed March 23, 2011.

OH MY GOSH YES!! i know you don't have a pump, but when i was little i had one and i used to run around (being as though i was a kind) and my wire would get stuck on door ways and would ripe off. i hated that. and sometimes people would do it on accident.

but yeahh i miss dance so much...

ugghhhh that would suck!!!! sooo sorrry hope you get to dance soon!

me too :/ maybe one day

I don't think you have to worry that you're not good enough, it sounds like you're amazing at it! What kind do you take? Hope you can start it up again! I took ballet as a little kid, but it got to be too much for me too, just b/c tthey had me going there every single day and I wasn't that into it.

i do ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, and hip hop. i danced everyday for 6 hours. it's been a year since i've danced. it's so weird.

Wow, that sounds like fun! Do you have a goal for when you can/want to go back?

i dunno. it's all really messed up and complicated hah.

The same thing happened to me too(with dance) I kept crashing after about two hours of class, and I would have to stop. My teacher wasn't understanding of it at all; she kept getting mad at me for leaving the floor to test my BG, or if I would drink juice or eat something. She told me that she didn't want me eating during class because the other girls would want to take a  break too. but everyone else in the class was super understanding of why I was doing it.  In the end, the teacher approached me and told me that I shouldn't  dance anymore.   :(

More educated. And the, when your skinny and they see it, the person is like how can you have diabetes, your not fat?

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