Is it just my doctor, or is it all of them?

I notice, that my doctor doesn't listen to me! I tell him my lantus isn't working, he changes my novolog numbers. I tell him I was using a 50 Correction factor, he puts me on a sliding scale exactly equivalent to it. And this morning, I show him my BG numbers, and he "Changes" my novolog numbers to what they were before! I told him that CVS needs them to fax my prescription for needles back, and he said they never faxed them to him. I call CVS, and they have records that they faxed them twice and called once! I told him I need the pump, in fact, my diabetes educator told him I need the pump!! and what does he do? Adjusts my Novolog numbers.... again, to what they have been for the past month! UGH... I think I need a new doctor... what do you think?

yea i will say to get a new one my old one did the same thing.

I have always thought that a doctor's communication with the patient was always important.  If I were you, I would find a new doctor.  While I don't want to judge him, the way you describe him makes him seem incompetent, indifferent, and other in- words that I don't even know!  Lol, but on the serious side, I don't see why he wouldn't consider your suggestion to go on an insulin pump!  Nearly everyone who goes on an insulin pump lowers their A1C and obtains much better control!  Well, I really wish you luck.  If you lived in central Florida, I would really recommend you to mine.  I know all of their patients, including me, are very happy with the care that the two pediatric endocrinologists provide.  I hope your situation is straightened out quickly.  I know how frustrating it can be when it seems like the Doctor who went to school for 10+ years isn't doing what's best for you.

This is not just a missunderstanding, this could ultimatly be dangerous to your health.


best of luck