Is it legal?

Hey everyone. Is it legal for someone to send you insulin through the mail if they have some extra vials to spare? Or is that a crime to ship medicine like insulin? I dont want to take any chances. Its to be shipped within the U.S.A. so its not like its an international thing. Just state to state. But im not saying yes until i know the legalities of it.

I suspect it's not legal if they are not a dr/pharmacist. But, more importantly, I'd be worried about if it had been kept cool enough, had expired, etc. Is it someone you know or someone online?

i agree with you about the exp or over heating. its a friend from a different forum. i already have my doubts off the hop. and i didnt think it would be legal also.

I would be really careful before using the federal postal service or transporting items across state lines.

yeah im staying away from it. i was just curious. im not risking anything. just wanted to know if it was law or not.

Yes it is illegal. The provider could be charged as a dealer if caught, but each state actually decides the legality/laws of drug providing, they are all different. Controlled substances have a much steeper penalty. Also, if the drug company catches wind of your sharing they can press charges or ban you from using their drugs.

Well thanks to you guys i know i dont have to worry bout being in a jam. I appreciate the quick responses. Its better to say no to the 4 vials of lantus and 4 vials of novolog then having to say yes to jail.

Thanks again all.

my dads buddy at work had like 5 viles of lantuse and he gave it all to me becuse he went on a pump then i went on a pump so.

but when i recive insulen they send it to me in a box with stirfoam srounding the box in side then with polre packing ice packs and they stay cold for hours and like a day so it would be fine

I asked someone about it from the JDRF will let you know soon.