Is it okay to have a Sad Day?

Hey there fellow Diabetics,

I am 21, and I was diagnosed with Diabetes almost a year ago. It has been a really tough year so far, and there have been a lot of sad moments. Lately, though, I've been trying to be strong, get over it, and stop crying about it. I have Diabetes, and I will always have it, and crying is not going to help.


I'm just wondering, for you experienced D Lifers, is it okay to have a sad day every once in a while? My blood sugars have been a little off lately, and I am just getting really sick of taking such tight control. All of the pressure is really wearing me down. Do you ever get sad, even when you deal with it for so long? I just want to get over this, stop being sad, and move on with my life. But is it okay to cry sometimes?


I'd love to hear what you think,

Novolog Chick

Of course it's ok to have a "sad" day. Actually, it's necessary and it wouldn't be normal to not have a sad day. What you need to watch out for is having too many of them. Try to force yourself to think of the positives. You are young and healthy and the diabetes will not stop you from achieving your goals in life.

Try not to obsess too much when you have a bad control day. Again, it's not one bad day that really counts, it's when you have too many of them. So if you've had a bad day of blood sugars, pick yourself up and work at it the next day to improve.

I was diagnosed in 1966 and while I've had some problems I still lead a wonderful life. I have my bad days too but the trick is to indulge in a cry fest for a short period of time, and then to move on. There is so much fun and excellent stuff to do and see out there that you will always find something to cheer you up if you look hard enough.

Don't be afraid of the bad days. We all have them, just don't wallow.


I think everyone has bad days. Days they just don't want to deal with it anymore, days they want to cry, or do cry, Especially when your still getting used to it. I had a lot more of these days when I was little, and I started realizing all the other kids didn't have to do this. I've had diabetes for almost 19 years, and I just turned 20, but even now I have days I just don't want to deal with it and days I cry. Seek out help if you need it, either from family and friends, people on-line, or a therapist. Feel free to vent here. D can be sooo frustrating! Try not to be too hard on yourself. Everyone has highs and lows, don't beat yourself up over every one. You can do everything right, and still have a high or a low. Stay strong and look at the good things in your life, and don't dwell on the bad. As time goes on there will be less bad days and more good days. Good luck as you move on, it get's easier.

You're still so new.  For most of us it takes a while to have peace about being diabetic.  Sadness is totally okay.  At some point you'll stop seeing diabetes as something that ruined the life you were "supposed to have" and start seeing it as just a part of who you are.  

It takes a while to figure out how to make D fit into your life.  If you feel like you're barely hanging on, reevaluate how you're managing D and where you can lighten up.  We aren't diabetes robots who live to count carbs and test.  We're just people who try to balance diabetes in our lives.    Take care.

I've had diabetes for nearly 20 years and still have sad days all the time - I think it's totally fair considering what we have to deal with

In addition, with diabetes I think regardless of how long I have it anyway, I'll go through phases where I hate it and am okay with it. It's just part of the life