Is it possible to not have a honeymoon period

Hi, I have a 10 year old daughter diagnosed four months ago and I keep getting told to wait for a honeymoon period in which the pancreas it starts working again albeit at a reduced rate and for a limited time. I have not seen this happen and I was wondering if it is something that happens for everyone or only some people?

@cloughfamily hi Leigh. The poorly named “honeymoon “ is not predictable, and does not happen to everyone. Once in a while, after 41 years of diabetes, I begin to make a little insulin for a little while, but that’s just me. A honeymoon is a tough thing, because insulin requirements change wildly. Your instincts are good. Hope you’re doing ok

Leigh @cloughfamily, as @Joe said, the “Honeymoon Period” is not predictable and IMHO is just another way of saying that when living with diabetes nothing is really predictable.

I have been “tested” to determine if my body might possibly be producing insulin [most recently after 62 years with diabetes] and the test results have always returned as <0.1% - other people in the Medalist Group [all living with diabetes for more than a half-century] have been shown to still produce a quantity of insulin on occasion. What this teaches, is that you, your daughter, will need to be constantly aware of what is happening and not be “locked” into a fixed insulin dose. We are trying to educate doctors in this and urging people living with diabetes to develop necessary diabetes management skills.

Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

Thanks Dennis :slight_smile: