Is it possible?

Is it possible to still feel really angry about having diabetes even though you've lived with it for a couple of years?

I thought i was over it after seeing a therapist, but today I realized that i think deep down i might still feel angry, and these feelings of anger and recent are taking over my life. I had a fight with my little sister today and she mentioned that I am always in a bad mood. For the most part I thought I was okay, but she made me realize that i am in a bad mood most of the time, and when she said it all i could think of was, how am i suppose to be happy when deep down I know I am hurting myself since I have no control over my diabetes. 

I have been living with diabetes for 5 years and I still hate it too. Diabetes is a double edged sword. I mean you have to be greatful that you dont have cancer, but at the same time you either live or you die with cancer and you live with diabetes your whole life. From the annoying question to being woken up in the morning by my own mother because she thinks I had a low and stopped breathing to being really thirsty when I'm high, I hate it all.

its ok to be mad about it. its not easy to live with diabetes and your sister has no idea what you are going through she doesnt expeirince it. i have had it for a while and i have those days where i just wanna forget about it and not have to deal with it cuz it is a pain!!! i definently think talking to someone helps!! i complain to my best friend all the time and even though she doesnt have diabetes she makes me feel so much better!! i also tell my mom and dad sometimes when i just cant stand it and they do what they can to help to!!! if you wanna talk to me you can!! hope i could help!!!

I have lived with diabetes for almost 6 years. I still get angry at myself alot. im always in a bad mood and i always feel as if this is my fault. i always think thank god i dont have cancer. My baby cousin died of cancer at 5 years old and all i can think is hes not in pain anymore and i am. i just feel jelouse that im in prison and ill never feel completely healthy. i just feel so angry still even after all this time.


yes. i've had diabetes for almost 8 years now and i get angry a lot. i think mainly because of my age, i'm 15, so i just want to do things i wanna do and not have to worry if i'm going to go low or when i'm high i hate having to go to the bathroom 5 times within an hour, especially when with friends. my mom says "oh, it only takes a few seconds just do it!" but it's easier said than done and although it takes only 5 minutes to test & give insulin, it's still annoying ! i dont like it when people are ignorant about diabetes and i wish more people could understand what we go through every single day and how it is never going to go away. i agree, how can i be happy when i'm living with a disease that has no cure.

after 19 years, yeah i get angry every once in a while because i am sick of it. i just want to go out and not have to worry about what i eat and do will affect my BG's.

I don't think I've ever really accepted that diabetes is part of my life (and it has been for over 25 years now!). I can't remember life b4 it.

I sometimes wonder whether I would have turned out differently as a person, cause I'm pretty cautious. I struggle maintaining my blood sugar at a reasonable level anyway without adding rock climbing, marathon running or anything like that into my life!

My best friend talks very logically about his life philosophy, where if he has a problem he asks can he solve it? If the answer is yes then he solves it. If the answer is no (eg living with type 1), then he deals with it the best he can (eg regular checkups, lots of blood sugar testing...). Nice theory, but it doesn't always seem to work for me.