Is it suppose to hurt?

so i'm doing the saline trial for the animas 2020 pump.

the first infusion set was on my stomach, but after a day, it wasn't comfortable. the rep even said after i had put it in that i would probably find i wanna change it from that site and to practice as often as i want taking the infusion site out and putting a fresh on into a different spot.

so last night i moved it to my back, on the right side. it felt a LOT better and was so much less noticable. i thought it would be great!

at lunch i was showing my friend how it works and did a bolous of 3.35units of saline...and it STUNG going in. the infusion site area hurt for a good few minutes and when the saline was going hurt so much my friend actually cringed and went "OH GOD it's hurting you!" because i went "GAAAAAAAH" and my hand flew back to the site and i made a face.


is that common for the pump depending on the site, or could it just be the saline?

it happened yesterday too when i was playing with the carb counting stuff and punched in 8units. hurt SO much, but it more hurt cuz it was cold. today it hurt cuz it STUNG!


it's freaking me out.



also...the tubing is kinda getting in the way since the pump is so close to the site(on my belt). do you guys just use medical tape to keep it from poking out from under your shirt?

Mine will burn sometimes when it goes in. I don't know why though. I usually don't think anything of it though. I think it might depend on where you put it. I always put it on my stomache and sometimes when I put it in a new spot it will burn.

About the tubing I usually just stuff it in my pants. It stays out of the way and you don't get it caught on anything.

Hope some of this helps.

i use a minimed pump but it never bothers me. well... once in a while a little bit. i think it would be the saline solution that makes it sting.

I seem to remember something about a rate of delivery...  when I was first trained with my Animas rep, she mentioned something as we were going through the setup stuff... 

I think you can probably find a way to have your boluses delivered more slowly and that will help.

Hope so!

I have an Animas Ping, so I'm not sure if the settings are the same. But when I went in to try out the Inset infusion sets, the diabetic educator (who's T1 and has trialed all pumps) told me that if you have the insulin delivery rate set at "normal" it can hurt a little bit. I set mine to "slow", so that it delivers 1 unit every 4 seconds instead of every second. Just go to "Setup", "Advanced", screen 2, and change "delivery" to slow. I'm not sure if it's the same on the Animas 2020, but I'm sure you could figure it out.

Sometimes my sites (I use the Quickset, similar to Inset) will become bruised or tender to the touch and this might contribute to site hurting when you bolus.  Sometimes it hurts for no apparent reason, but don't be discouraged by the pain, it could easily be a problem with the site, or the type of infusion set you are using. 

Also, adding on to what Sarah suggested, my pump (Minimed 522), delivers 0.1 units every five seconds, so it would make sense for a faster insulin delivery to sting more.  Hope your pain goes away!

I have the Animas Ping. One of the first thing I did was change the rate of delivery to something slower. Animas moves insulin into us at a much faster pace than the Medtronic pumps. I have never run into any pain, but burning has happened a few times. I would try to adjust the rate of delivery, especially since when you bolused the 8 units into yourself I am sure it went it really fast. That would make things uncomfortable. It could also be that you may have just hit one of the more tender spots on your body when you decided to switch sites. Not all parts of the body react the same way to the infusion set.

You might want to slow things down and try another site or it could be the infusion set you have chosen. I use the inset 30 as being a little more slender it works better as it it angles in vs. the inset which goes right down into us. When I was using my old pump I tried their quikset but found it to be highly uncomfortable so I went with the silhouette which is similar to what the inset 30 is.