Is more than 1 pushing it?

I'm an almost 34 year old type 1, have been for almost 30 years now.  I just had my first baby this sping, after only one previous miscarriage.  Baby is healthy and I had a fairly easy pregnancy without significant complications.  Had c-section 2 weeks early due to fluid levels, but baby was almost 10 pounds by that time anyway!  But nothing emergent.  My issue is this.  I would very much like to have another baby, soon.  Since I had such a good healthy baby and pregancy the first time, will I be pushing my luck by trying to have another?  Especailly at my age!  Are there any Type I mom's out there who have had more than one child, who could tell me if it would be riskier the second time around? 

Hi - I have had type 1 for 33 years and have had two successful pregnancies, both ending with girls just over 6.5 lbs.   My girls are 21 months apart.   I'd say as long as your doctors (OB & Endo) are good with it, I don't think there is any reason to wait.  Of course.... I will admit that I had a few years of "oh my, what have I done' with two in diapers, who couldn't tie their shoes or zip their coats.  :-)    At 10 & 8, they are best friends and we have a great time.


Good luck and congrats on the healthy birth of your child.

I as well am 34 and have been type 1 for 22 years. I am currently in my 3rd pregnancy. There was 22 months between the first 2 kids, and there will only be 18 months between my 2nd and this newest arrival. My 1st pregnancy was the hardest. mostly because I was such a basket case with worrying about every complication possible. My daughter was delivered by c-sec at 35 weeks due to low fluid... but she was perfect! Almost 7 lbs and perfectly healthy. My son was a planned repeat c-sec at 38 weeks and had some respiratory issues, so he spent  a few hours in NICU being monitored. I think that had more to do with being a c-sec baby than anything diabetes related. This last pregnancy has been interesting, aside from being a total SHOCK! For once, I am having a smaller baby, she is in the 20th percentile rather than 80/90th like my 2 previous. My doc say is it is likely because my sugar are in such good control (which they aren't 100% of the time!). 

I often felt after my 1st that maybe we shouldn't push it and have more. That 1 perfect kid was good enough, especially considering that when i was diagnosed they said I could never have kids (Thank GOD for pumps!!) but I have an AWESOME OB (she is type 1 as well!) and things are different now. 

I say speak to your OB and do not let fear dictate things. If you are in good control, your pregnancy should be just as likely to lead to a perfect baby as any other lady out there! I always try to remind myself that there are many moms out there who don't even KNOW they are diabetic until the 3rd trimester (either type 2 or gest) so who knows what their sugars were and they have successful pregnancies!


Thank you both for your posts.  I feel much better knowing there are success stories out there.  I will surely not let my fear be the deciding factor with the decision anymore. 

Also, so great to find this website.  After all these years of Googling things that really had no answers, I finally came across a keeper!

Thanks again Ladies.....

I just visited a perinatologist a couple of months ago to ask whether he thought I could wait to try for #2 for a couple of years (around age 35). I had #1 at age 30, but as you know, a pregnancy with D is tough, so we weren't ready to try again right away (and there are financial reasons to wait too...). The OB was fine with me waiting. He said 35 isn't some magic high-risk cut-off. In fact, there's a gradual increase of risk as you age, but that he works with many women w/ D in their late 30's. He said the earlier the better risk-wise, but that I shouldn't think of 35 as some magic number to avoid.