Is my friend trying to come back or not?

Ok. So me and my ex-friend have not talked and left each other alone. I look at her a lot but she never looked at me. Now she is starting to look at me more. How do you know if an ex-friend is starting to relise she wants to talk again? Because she is not the person to just apologize. So I am not sure if she is trying to get attention so I talk to her or what. Does anybody know how to tell?

I think that it depends a lot on why the two of you stopped being friends in the first place. But if you think that your friend might have her mind on you more than what you should do is just try to talk to her. Whether you know for sure that she wants to make up or not. I hope that helps.

ummmmmm i have to say talk to her. i once desided i didnt want to be the one to start to talk again with someone and we didnt talk for 2YEARS. looking back its quite pathetic and petty and crap. so if you want to be their friend still, do it.

geez.. my life is way easier cause i just choose to totally avoid fighting with people(especially those stupid petty reasons). soo much easier....

Hey there dbtc,

I had a great piece of wisdom given to me recently: forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion, and it does not require an apology.

If you want to be friends with this person you need to forgive them (the beauty is that you don't even need to tell them, and likely shouldn't!) and then just get on with things.  Give her a hug and say 'this is stupid, can we move on?'.  If you owe her an apology than offer that, but don't expect one in return; she may have too much pride to say sorry and you don't need her apology to get over things anyways.

At some point in the future she might come back and say, 'hey, ya know, sorry for being a jerk back then' and you'll be able to shrug it off because your forgave her long ago.  

And at that point, it will seem pretty stupid to have potentially missed all that time in between.


Well we are in the fight cuz i accidentally leave my stuff at her house or leave it there cuz i cant take it home at that time. like a bike when i am going to town. it would sound so stupid like if this was her, "Hey, I am mad at (not telling name) because  she leaves her stuff at my house by accident or she leaves it there because she cant take it home at the time she leaves." I am sorry, I just need to let it out out here. lol :-)

Well try to take the iniciative and get back..