Is my type I diabetes a disability?

So while filling out an application for UCF it asks this:

Is there a documented disability for which you would like to receive services if your are offered admission and enroll at UCF?

Do I put "YES" or "NO"????

It depends on whether or not you want accommodations. Diabetes does qualify and the Office of Disabilities Accommodations or whatever UCF has would do a lot of the work for you to inform professors and other stuff. The only real accommodation I could imagine would be for absences related to blood sugar or health issues. Of course, you can always just talk to your teachers if you are concerned about it, but the option is there to make it official.

It's up to you though and if you don't want to now, you always can at a later date if you choose. I hope that helps answer your question.

I have a friend who is living on campus, she said 'yes' to the disability question. In return they gave her a disabled persons dorm. which came with a mini fridge for her insulin. Of course, since I'm living at home stating I have a disability  wouldn't have givin me any perks, so I didn't worry about it. I did tell my professors tho.

I was wondering the same thing, at my uni they pay 25% of your class fees if you have a dissability that influences your studying.

I put yes and the college I attend made sure I got a roommate (my best friend) that I was comfortable with, I got to pick which dorm I wanted to live in and they gave my roommate and I an extra fridge for my supplies. It was very helpful!

Going into his sophomore year, my son signed up for the disabilities services offered at his univ. It has allowed him to get priority scheduling to schedule around meal time as well as priority housing to be close to a dining hall and the recreation center.

I just got set up with the disabilities office at my school on Monday and was stoked when they granted by DOUBLE time on exams and labs just for being diabetic!!!! I would've done this a loooong time ago if I had known there were certain perks to the disease lol. This said, yes diabetes is apparently considered a disability (though we try so hard to pretend its not) and you shouldn't be afraid to claim it, nothing negative will come about, you will be facilitated in positive ways :)

:slight_smile: I may wander into my universities facilities for the coming fall, thanks y’all! (: