Is something not right?

Hey everyone :)

I was wondering...does anyone have trouble with their legs/hands falling asleep? I can't put any pressure on my hands or my feet for a long time or else they fall asleep and get really numb. They don't really hurt but sometimes when my feet fall asleep I get some leg pain after the numbness goes away. Same with my hands. I can't even rest my head on my hands because they fall asleep within a few minutes. I never had this issue before diabetes, so I was wondering if this is related. ALSO.. my sugars are in great last two A1Cs were 5.4 and 5.5 so I doubt it has to do with my sugars being high or something. Thanks :)

I have,  mine was blood flow because I am not so young anymore. LOL For me it got better when I stopped being such a couch slug (Oops! not that you are lol kind of sounded bad). Not much help but you're not alone.

When I'm low one of the first symptoms are my arms aching.. You might just start checking your sugars when your arms/legs are feeling weird & see if there is a trend.

I also am having  the same issues that have only begun in the past 2 months. They fall asleep within a few minutes as well. My Doctor seems to think this  is normal but I do not. I have no helpful info for you but do feel your frustration:(

Thanks for the feedback everyone.. I have a doctor appointment this coming Wednesday so I suppose I'll mention it...though reading all of your posts it doesn't seem like a big deal, just a bother. :)