Is the 530g an 'Artificial Pancreas?'

I was asked my opinion about this, and here it is.

(Hint: No, it isn’t an artificial pancreas.)

@hegartyb well written, completely agree on all fronts about the enlite. I have a different pump model but CGM = same experience.

Absolutely agree! I hate that I can’t tell the pump “I know, I know, shut up and stop beeping!” And I leave it on vibrate often, but even that is loud and too persistent. I have always had a medtronic pump and never had issues with customer service (I have always lived in NYC area or a close suburb). I like the interface the linking to the Bayer contour meter by bluetooth and the CGM that is integrated to the pump works fine for me. I had a dexcom G4, liked it, but because all did not work work together it was too difficult to really analyze the data. I almost switched to an animas pump with the dexcom but do not like the series of the buttons I need to get through to bolus on the animus. It is too convenient to have the Bayer contour meter reading appear directly on the screen of the pump; so I do not have to manually put it in each time. That was the dealbreaker for me. And as far as Medtronic CGM accuracy with the enlite sensors, if I calibrate correctly when my blood sugar is not fluctuating wildly I have found the readings to be accurate.