Is there a way to put the site on my arm by myself?

I use the Silhouette infusion sets. I have to get someone to help me. But I might be living alone soon and was wondering what I'm going to do.

Interesting - I've never thought about using my arm as a site. I live alone so maybe that's why :) Plus, I live in Houston where it's HOT a lot, so my arms are exposed daily. Not sure I want my tubing to be *that* visible. I was considering putting my CGM there though. But then I will have the same problem of not being able to do it by myself.

Hi Elie

Never considered my arm, but would think it would be no different then the days of injections in the arm. Prop your arm up against a door jam, and insert your set. The quick-set might work easier. I do not use any devise for infussion set placement.

Best of luck!!

You really need two hands for the Silhouette (that's what I use). Maybe you could look into the Mio? My daughter uses that, and you could most definitely insert in your arm by yourself.

Hmmm.. I'll have to look into that. Thanks, Dani. I guess my main concern is that I'm really lean and getting leaner and so it's getting more awkward and sometimes painful to put sites on, at least in certain places like my arms.