Is there any support groups in Northern Colorado for teenagers or even a parent?!

I am asking if anyone knows of any support groups in Northern Colorado for teenagers.  Or even me a parent that is about to the end of her rope. 

I feel that my daughter, who is 16, that was diagnosed with this s****d  disease in late January of this year, needs to be able to go somewhere to discuss things and do fun stuff with teens who can relate to her.  She can be stubborn about the doctor's orders and sticking with the schedule.   She does want to be on a pump, but personally I don't feel she is disciplined enough to check her blood sugars more often than she does now.  I know that she knows that if she doesn't take care of herself-her life will become shortened.   She hates being reminded all the time and I understand that, but is there anything out there.  

Hi Michelle, I do not know where you can find a support group in Northern Colorado for teens,but it sounds like a great idea. I have a 17 yr. old and she has only one person her own age that she knows with type 1.  He lives in a different town,but they did meet and talk a few times. Being type 1 with all that goes with it  is hard. She has great friends but they seem to live a life of freedom . I want her to do all she needs to to stay healthy. But she does get tired of it and I can see why. I want her on the pump,almost had her thinking about it,but now she said it will be college time before she will even consider it. If I could do it all over again I would start with the pump as soon as possible. I read good things about  it here. As far as the reminding,I do that,she is ok with me doing that with the shots ,not the testing. I know she is 17,and will be grown before I know it....but I told her while she still is here that I will be asking questions. When she is grown,and moved out, Well there is always the phone !! ha  Hope things are going better for you.