Is there such a thing as "too" low card for a teen?

I feel so bad for my 14 yr old T1 son Alec; every time he goes to his dr appts they scold him for his weight gain. He is not skinny but is most definitely not fat or even chubby. Just a bit of a thicker middle. I have found that low carb works great for his numbers as well as keeping his weight gain in line but then his dietitian tells me it will stunt his growth.

So many eating philosophies.... low carb, low fat, low calorie??? This is so hard for a teen boy in puberty who is always hungry? Any ideas out there?

I don't really like any of the "philosophies" I pick balance. They are teens and want to do the things that all teens want to do. Eat pizza, burgers and the wonderful french fries. Its okay to have those things, but not all the time. Whole grain, veggies and lean meat should be the bulk of every thing else. Our dietitian has two teen daughters with T1 and she said the best thing ever is fast

Most boys are ravenous at that age and a lot of them get a little fat before they have big growth spurts in their later years.  Think you should talk to your doctor about exactly what he/she this is normal for this age.

Gary Scheiner, a diabetes educator and author of the book "Think Like a Pancreas" says people need at least 30g of carb a day for their body's to function.  

Is your son active?  As long as he's not vegging out with video games and junk food for the majority of the day, he's probably doing okay.