Issues with BG rapidly falling out of nowhere

Has anyone ever experienced blood sugars rapidly falling out of nowhere? I have been experiencing this in the evening time the past few nights. This is out of the norm for me.

Hi @Jslentz01 and welcome to the forum. First thoughts are that your evening basal insulin is too high, or that you may be taking too much insulin to cover your dinner carbs, depending on the time of your drop. Insulin needs to change now and then and our rates must as well. Some things that might help us with suggestions - do you use a pump, or take injections? And do you use a CGM to follow your numbers? Finally, if you use pump do you use a loop system such as Basal- or Control-IQ?
Keep logging your numbers, insulin and other factors - if you started working out it could be having an effect, even later in the day.

@Jslentz01 Hello Jade, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

When you say “sugars falling out of nowhere” I’m guessing that your BGL [Body Glucose Level] is going down, rather than sugar is suddenly showing up in you like a heavy snow. If your BGL is dropping, I agree with Dorie @wadawabbit that you may be taking too much insulin with dinner or that you have too much background/basal in your system.

Also, look at your activity - the third leg in the delicate balancing act of diabetes - Food, Activity, Insulin. For me, I have found that certain types and intensity of exercise/activity, usually anaerobic supplemented by aerobic, will cause a sudden and sometimes severe BGL drop 3 to 8 hours after my exercise is complete.

I had this happen recently too! For me it was my basal and once I corrected that it’s gotten much better. I’m sorry you’re going through that! It’s no fun but hopefully an easy fix.