Issues with desire & drive

Hello Everyone on the forum.

Diabetes decreases specific power & drive which is too much disturbing. Can the members here share how to deal with it correctly?
Here in our region it is too difficult to find a genuine guidelines due to illiteracy,backwardness & lack of awareness & social restrictions to discuss such issues positively, resulting in deadly results as several persons just making money out of it by giving strange medications in the name of herbs & other names like ultraforce, Vimax,genseng,horsepower & others, mostly ended up in dangerous side effects including the kidney failures mostly.

hello @Munirnara,

diabetes affects every single cell in your body. Some of these have direct impact, such as dehydration. Dehydration can cause unmistakable drowsiness and weakness, confusion, headache, etc. Anytime blood sugar is high, it can pull water out of your body and cause this. This can also lead to losses in vitamins, blood electrolytes, and cause problems with blood pressure. These can be made better by drinking fluids, good diet, and blood sugar control.

Diabetes can also cause other endocrine imbalance, such as problems and issues with stress hormones - particularly Adrenalin. This can cause your body to cycle between exhaustion and periods of high metabolism, such as if you were in danger.

Also, particularly in men, diabetes can cause or worsen low testosterone.

In all of these endocrine issues, in the United States, we require an Endocrinologist to help us determine the problem, cause, and treatment. Without the proper diagnostic testing, there is no way to determine what is causing and what is deficient. I had some issues with fatigue about 8 years ago. I found out with testing that my Adrenalin and testosterone were OK, but I was deficient in D and B vitamins, and dehydrated. Changes to my diet and in my case supplements: I take a little vitamin D in the winter, I also take vitamin B once in a while but the body can store years worth at a time so I have not had to take B for 5 years now.

My only advice - please continue to keep your blood sugar under control with good diet and exercise. If you find this does not help or your condition worsens, then you will need medical help. Good luck.

Hello @Joe and everyone on the forum !

Greetings from Lahore, Pakistan !!!

Thanks for your kind detailed response!

today i realized that I have perhaps posted in the incorrect area, sorry for that please.
Today I have seen yet another area “ONLY MEN” which I hadn’t seen before & found similar post on the stated issue there !

if u remembered u had helped me a lot some 6 weeks back when I had a terrible time with scalp infection while I had just put on to APIDRA/LANTUS combo in the beginning of June. Now I have been managing numbers reasonably good as the numbers found inside “200mg/dl” most of the time. Yes, It went above 300 after a meal for a short time but comes back under 200 in about 2 hours or slightly more but less than 3 hours for sure. Now it is getting better & better with the passing days/week/month, as I have also trying to reduce carbs intake as much as I can, but during night meal I can’t stop myself… so only 1 mealtime is a stiffer one. Feeling more active than before.

During these episodes I realized that I have a stated problem too, so why not to seek some advice? which encouraged me to post here.
Up to 2014 it was reasonably better but afterwards I didn’t notice it too much as I was already 52 by then & now 55, so I thought, could it be an aging related issue, rather more than a diabetes issue. Further, cultural & social restriction doesn’t allow to discuss it.
Do u ever heard about vimax medicine ( claimed to be a canadian product)? it is very popular here, but I haven’t take it yet due to any possible side effect.

Do u also heard about cure & treatment by shock wave technology? (claiming a therapy on German equipment which works on the nerves of the specific organ & hence allow more blood to flow through it after the therapy)…

Your kind help will highly be appreciated please.

Have a nice weekend there !

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Munir Nara.
(Lahore 33C, 12: 54 PM)

hello @munirnara,

I have no experience with vimax or with shock wave - both scare me a little actually. There are many dubious internet “cures” and systems for men who experience issues such as with sex drive, or erectile dysfunction. I recommend only dealing with doctors and prescriptions - now I realize you are in Pakistan - so you may be limited in what is available to you and for that I and sorry I can offer no relevant experience or help.

I still say that blood sugar control, then exercise and diet, can do a lot for your health and well being. very high and very low blood sugar will affect sexual performance. Exercise especially cardio exercise can improve blood flow and in my opinion, this can be most helpful. I wish you luck and hope you can have patience these issues can cause anxiety and in turn, can make this worse. relaxation is also very important I recommend Yoga if that is possible for you. ALso if you have interrupted sleep, such as sleep apnea, this too can make your situation worse.

I have business trips this week I may not be online for the next few days. please take care of yourself!