Issues with Dexcom Customer Service when re-ordering Sensors

Hi All,

Have had a Dexcom 7+ CGM for a little over a year.  Am ordering from Dexcom.  There have been maybe four or less times that I have ordered sensors that there has not been an issue.  One time ordered sensors and did not receive them, called back and the person never placed the order.  Another time after I had been ordering sensors for several months, the person told me that my insurance co. did not have a contract.  I called the insurance co. and they did have a contract.  Called Dexcom back and person told me that the person entered the wrong insurance company.  Found out I could order two at a time, and started doing that to lessen the frustration of their customer service.  Another time I called and someone was going to call me back, said that I owed money I think.  Did not call back, and I called their accounting department.  This time it turned out that their was some issue on their end  - can't recall, but I did not owe anything.  A different time I called to order, and was told that I owed money.  The person tried their accounting office, and no one was there.  Told me they'd have them call me back.  Guess what?  Never got a call back.  By this point I was so frustrated that I just stopped using the CGM for a month or more.  FInally called back.  I was told my account was on hold.  The customer svc. rep told me that I would receive a call back, and I did.  I was told that they had credited my account when they shouldn't have, and also my prescription had expired.  It took over a week, and I had to call back three times just to check and see what was happening.  I did go and look and there was a credit to my check card months ago.  I never asked for a credit, and I never got a clear answer as to what happened.  I paid the amount that they said I owed and bought as many months supply as I could at one time to prevent having to call them any sooner than possible.  fyi...I may be off a little on the sequence of events and details, but not by much.  Any others have experiences like this??

I know that a part of this is dealing with insurance companies, and that doctor's offices sometimes take several days to send in a prescription, but the sheer lack of care that some of their customer service reps have is hard to understand.  Now that is not to say that I have not dealt with some people there who took care of the probelm, and were concerned about fixing the issue instead of getting you off the phone.  I am a very easy going person, and it is the rare occasion that I ever voice complaints like this, but I think that their customer service for sensors merits it.

I have had good experience with their accounting department, and their support department.  Concerning the Dexcom, I absolutely love the device.  It has been a blessing.  Have had bad sensors two or three times.  Dexcom sent me a replacement right away.  Have had issues occasionally with ??? and one of the other sensor errors.  At least once or twice I think that the sensors just had an issue.  I think that sometimes sensor errors have to do wtih the insertion of the sensor.  I have had ??? errors more often when it seems like I may have attempted to keep the sensor really flat  when inserting the sensor.  I have also noticed that the sensor seems to stop working for a while when I go to the hair dresser and have my hair dyed and highlighted.  Just thought I'd include this in case it might help someone else.

My readings are usually pretty close to what my actual blood sugar is when I test it.  The first 12 or so hours the readings are sometimes quite different when I take my blood glucose, but then after that it works great.  Again, I absolutely love the Dexcom.  It has given me more freedom, and has literally helped train me on how to better avoid low blood sugar.  I used to have low blood sugar a LOT.  It has even helped to make me more aware of when my blood sugar is dropping.  Not just by seeing the reading, but because it has helped me stay more in the normal range for longer amounts of time.  Which in turn has helped me to notice when it's getting low earlier when it does start getting low.  It has also helped me to not have so many low vs. high swings when it gets low and then gets high due to treating the low.  It also helps motivate me by reminding me of where my blood sugar is to do a better job continually of staying as close as possible to a normal range.

I am not knocking the Dexcom, becasue I think it is wonderful and has improved my life soooo much.  I just wish that they had better customer service, and wondered if anyone had the same experience or suggestions on making dealing with their customer service better. 

My experience with the customer service with Dexcom has varied. I truly think it depends on which rep you have. There is one male rep, that if I get him I worry about my order. The follow through is not always the best and I will have to call a few times. I forget who I was talking to about this, but part of the issue that Dexcom is dealing with is that they are a research company and do product development and such. I don't think in their original business model and planning they were thinking about the entire process of handling sales calls and supply orders. I know they have been working to improve things in that area. Typically when I call, there seem to be about 4 names of people that I run into in the supply reorder department. So I am guessing they do not have much staff in that matter, which can cause things at time to slip through the cracks.

It kills me though when a company has a great product and yet sometimes something slips through the cracks. Patience is the only thing we can hope for that and the ability to pick up the phone and make the calls time and again. I mean this is when the customer service surveys they mail out are so important. You can honestly give them feed back in hopes of them improving on issues their sales team might have.

Wow, I order directly through dexcom too, and have never had a problem. I've had support people here and there for sensor problems that weren't great, but overall, I've been happy.

Could you try ordering through an outside company or will your insurance only pay for direct ordering?