Issues with Dexcom

So I got the Dexcom in early May, and for the most part, it's been going fairly well.  My biggest and most consistent complaint is that quite often, I get those little question marks, and they stay for a really long time, and don't go away until I change the sensor.  That doesn't even help sometimes.  I've had no issues with getting replacements for the sensors (I have to pay quite a bit of the charge for the sensors), but it's still an issue and I'm getting really frustrated.  

Does anyone know if this is related to the sensor or to the receiver?  

I have been using a Dexcom7 since 12/09.  I have had the ??? a few times and it is frustrating.  I am not sure if it is an issue with either the sensor or receiver. The instructions say not to enter BG #'s.  I usually hold the device right next to the sensor for a few seconds and keep checking to see if it "connects."  I may have replaced a sensor only once because of the ???.

I can usually get several weeks from a sensor.  When it shows that sensor needs to be replaced, I usually wait a 1/2 hour and then go through the startup process.  The longest I have used a sensor has been 32 days.  The main concern is getting accurate readings but if you are testing anyway you should be aware if the the casual readings of the sensor are accurate.  The main benefit for me (and my wife) using the sensor is being able to see the "trending." 


My receiver doesn't get confused often (that's what I call it when I see the ???), but when it does, I've actually found that doing "shutdown" and letting it sit for a while, then turning it back on has somehow restarted it.  It can't hurt to try it, anyway. 

I was wondering if anyone has tried any other sites other than their stomach?  I have only worn my Dexcom on my stomach and would love to be able to put it somewhere else sometimes.

Any ideas?  Also if you do put it on your upper thigh do you put it going straight up and down or sideways as in the same direction you do on your stomach?

Hi Rose!

Right now I have my Dexcom sensor on my hip, so yes, I do use other sites.  :)  Sites other than the stomach aren't FDA approved, so do this at your own caution/risk.  If a sensor fails before 7 days, and it wasn't placed on your tummy, Dexcom will not replace it like they normally would.

I have used my hip, all parts of my stomach (even very low and very high), and my lower back.  I know others use the arm and leg as well. 

I was taught to always have the sensor horizontal.

Hope this helps!  :)


I tend to use my upper arm for my sensor, with little problem, granted if I am wearing deep pocketed pants it might sometimes loose signal. I usually don't have issues with the sensor coming loose or anything like that. If it does fail, it is normally because of the fact that the little insertion sensor has escaped from my skin.

Do you have the 7 or 7 plus? I had issues with repeated ???'s on the 7, but rarely with the upgraded 7 plus. If it's happening often, I wonder if you could ask them if they'd consider changing the receiver?

Good to know others have worn the sensor on sites other than their stomach.  I've had to replace my sensor before 7 days just because it's fallen off from my pants rubbing the tape.  I'll have to give it a try.

BTW, how do you insert it on your back?



No sarcasm intended in this answer. But flexibility helps. Plus a comfortable familiarity with the entire mechanism make it easier. Once you can do the insertion on your side completely one handed, you should be ready for the back.

Honeymead I find I am much more likely to get the "???" when I insert the sensor in my abdomen because there's very little fat. If I use my buttox though, where theres a bit more fat, there is usually no issue with the "???"