Issues with infusion set sticking

Anyone have issues with their infusion set sticking? I have been using the quick set for the last year or so and they seemed to stick well even if the edges seem to lift up after a day or so, but I recently ended up with a high BG and had to run home to change it when I discovered the side had lifted up and the cannula was half in! I have always used Iv prep wipes before that leaves the sticky residue to help. Prior to using the quick set I used the soft set and had issues with that tape sticking as well. With that set though I was able to purchase some other tape that I could stick over the top to keep it on, and I could even remove it and hold the set in while I re-applied the tape. That was do-able because the quick release was down the tubing but the quick set disconnects right on the insertion site.

Catzeye, I know hat you are experiencing.  Beginning next month I will be using QiickSet for nine years and used to experience that happening quite often in the high humidity of summer in Florida while laboring outside.  for me, that problem all but disappeared a couple of years ago when the adhesive was improved; prior to the improved adhesive, I needed to use the IV "sticky" preps in the orange packaging.

I suggest in your prep that you use either an alcohol or specialty IV prep swab at the very beginning of your set-change procedure and let that area "air-dry" completely; I prep the site as soon as I see on my chart which site* I'm using and before I begin filling the reservoir.  Recently the only time one of my cannulas has become dislodged has been due to some activity or when I've done something stupid - like the time I caught my tubing while hoisting a bag into an aircraft overhead.  Anyone else ever have to change an infusion while in-flight?  The person in the seat next to me was intrigued by the process.

*   In January 2005 I "mapped" my abdomen assigning numbers 1 through 8 to each site and I consistently rotate through these non-contiguous areas - I think for the most part that scar-tissue is at a minimum.

In the summer, I sweat tons. The tape peels back often. Someone recommended "Skin Tac" to me. Its an adhensive that you dab on the spot that the infusion set will go. You let it dry a little and then you put on the set and it stays like a beast! It even resists peeling after swimming for 10-20 minutes. I bought it from A single bottle will last nearly forever.

I never had issues with my quickset sticking till I started doing crossfit this year. No Matter what I do it seems that the set pops off. I never tried the skin tac that Dennis suggests. but, I have heard great things about it. I have to order it! I always forget!!!

There's also Skin Tac in Wipes (I haven't used) and Skin Tac remover. I don't use that either, but it really does stick firm so if you have sensitive skin, it might be worth it too.

You're already using the IV prep wipes that people are recommending.  I usually wipe it an allow it to dry, then wipe again and put the infusion set on while the IV prep is still damp.  It seems to hold a little better.

The next step up, like Dennis suggested, is the Skin Tac.  Make sure to use the remover otherwise it can hurt your skin.

I always use the IV prep and even in a IV transparent cover that I cut a hole so it covers but I can disconnect. I find like Dennis that in hot sticky summer's of FL, they can come off, but it is rare for me.  I don't find that swimming is a good thing - I usually am ready to reinsert a new infusion set at that point.  

Anyway, I like the Mio best as I travel a lot and find the inclusive serter of the mio eliminates the need for me to carry a serter or any sort.

But I am a believer that  the IV prep with the adhesive & alcohol together is much better then just alcohol prep. I guess we all have our ways ....

Talk to Medtronic. They sent me free samples of a bunch of adhesives, tapes, etc (basically everything on the Tapes & Prep wipes page in the Medtronic store). I ended up using the Insertion site IV-3000, along with the IV prep wipes (allowed to dry completely). The other adhesives cause me to rip off a few layers of skin! I also find I have the most problems when I use my hips and legs, but not so much on my abdomen and arms. I do have issues with the tape sticking too well and I pull out the center of the infusion site when I hit it on walls, the edge of my car door, tables, garbage cans and anything else in the right place. I have learned to be extra careful! I also always have extra supplies in an insulated bag in case I have an issue at work. I figure it is just one of few disadvantages of pumping!