Issues with pump placement?

Hi Everyone,

Second post here :) As I mentioned before, my husband and I are gearing up for IVF in February and I'm trying this month to solidify my blood sugar plan in case I get pregnant :). Problem is, I am having such issues with absorbency and my pump! I enjoy wearing it most next to my cgm on my stomach...this is also where I get the best results. I have to move it around though to avoid scar tissue and I'm sure if I get pregnant and I will need to rotate it off my stomach more. Right now it's on my bottom right side between my back and my butt and it's just not absorbing at all. Do you guys have suggestions?!




I was told by my doctor that you need to be AWAY from the infusion site when placing your CGM. The insulin does not absorb good when it's that close to the CGM. Also, the CGM's numbers are not accurate at all, the CGM will tell you that you are lower than what you really are because of the insulin's proximity to the CGM. I would move them away from each other--you will get better absorbtion and much more accurate readings on your CGM. What kind of pump do you have?

I have the mini med and the cgm. Currently the pump placement is on my bottom and my cgm is on my stomach to the left of my belly button. The pump, when on my stomach, usually gives me bs's between 95-120 throughout the night. Last night my pump read a solid 235 or so and no matter how much insulin I gave myself, it stayed about the same. I know it isn't an bad set or a bad infusion because I am getting SOME insulin. I guess I feel frustrated because I'm working my butt off, but I can't find a good rotation of sites and my stomach is getting sore and scared. Can you wear pump/cgm on your stomach while pregnant? Also, anyone have any good site suggestions? thanks!!

Try any place that you can find enough fat for infusion site.  My rear end doesn't absorb insulin well either, but I've done okay with arms.  

You may also try different sets, if you're just using a quickset or any others that go straight in.  Call your pump manufacturer and ask for some free samples of other infusion sets.  

I wore my pump on my stomach through all of my pregnancy.  Thought I'd have to stop at some point, but my stomach was fatter with the pregnancy and having such a huge stomach was wonderful because I had endless sites.  My son would jump when a new set was put in.  Doctor assured me it was nowhere near the baby, baby was reacting to sound and sensation.   My son is perfectly fine now and doesn't jump at loud noises or anything. =)

I've used pretty much everywhere. . . Lately I just started using my love handles, but you have to be careful to make sure your waitband won't catch on it or push on it too hard. I also use my arms and legs. My legs were my favorite spot for a long time, but they have a little bit too much scar tissue now =( I saw someone else on here used her breasts, but i've heard you're not supposed to, and I've never tried it, but you could ask your CDE or Dr. if you're interested.