Issues with sites (scar tissue and other inaccessible tissue)

I’ve been a diabetic for 46 years. I have a 670G pump. I am having trouble finding an infusion set that works with my skin and interstitial tissue. I’ve tried 6mm Sure-Ts and had to move them a number of times.
Now Mios seem not to kink on only one site on my body consistently. The jury is still out on Silhouettes in my abdomen. I’m using my arms for my sensor.
Any one else have such site issues? What did you do?

Hello there Anne @ambyler and let first me welcome you to the TypeOneNation Forum - and then offer you my congratulations on achieving 46 years.

You are like many of us - running out of usable body real estate, I feel for you. I began pumping after 47 years of many thousands of of injections including with the 1950’;s" era Horse needles" which were 27 gauge and an inch and a quarter long.

There are several “Topic Strings” with much good advice already on this forum - which you can find by using the search [ ] in the upper right. I used three different model MiniMed [Medtronic] pumps before switching to a grand Tandem pump this year. I had primarily used the Quick-Set 9 mm infusion sets but then had to adopt the Silhouette 17 mm and then found the 13 mm worked well too. A real lifesaver because I was envisioning going back to 8 injections a day - the primary reason to begin pumping so late in life. Thinking back, I had been offered the backpack pump in the late 1970’s.