It appears Dexcom Tech support has moved

My guess is a call service center somewhere other than San Diego, or the US, for that matter…

I had a “sensor failed” message last night about ten pm. Replaced the sensor and called Dexcom to order a replacement. Was put on perma-hold so I finally gave up and figured I’d just call them back this morning.

Called Dexcom back this morning.

Gave all my pertinent info. All was going well until they got to the scripted question about if I was using a mobile device or the Dexcom receiver. I said “mobile device also attached to a Tandem Tslim pump”. I know the guy at Dexcom was following a pre written script because the minute I said “Tandem”, he replied that he couldn’t help me and then transferred me to Tandem Tech Support.

Tandem said it was a Dexcom issue (which I kinda already knew) and suggested I call Dexcom back.

So I did. Got a different person this time, but reading from the same script. Answered all the pertinent questions (again) but then didn’t bother mentioning Tandem at all when asked what devices I use. That did the trick! We stayed on script and my new sensor should be here within 3-5 business days.

My advice from here on out? Talk slowly, use elementary English, avoid “trigger” words, and keep answers short.


Yes, support moved to the Philippines not long ago.