It just makes me so angry

So, I've been having a lot of trouble adjusting my basal&boluses for my new pump. It just is taking some time.

If I need to change a site or treat a BG, I usually go to the nurse instead of awkwardly sitting in class. The nurse and I have become friends, so it doesn't bother me too much.

However, the other morning, my BG would just NOT go down. I was in the 400s ALL night and into the morning and at about 10am, I had just had ENOUGH. I was worried that something was wrong with the pump, so I asked my teacher to go to the nurse. I was going to take a regular injection  and check out the site to see what was up.

As I was asking to leave, three boys (I'm taking a class with quite a few kids that are a grade behind me. It is frustrating, but that's what I get for keeping music in my schedule!) start making comments about my skipping class. I was so mad because I didn't want to leave class, NOT AT ALL, but hey, my health is no small matter.

After about the tenth comment as I was packing up my things and throwing my meter in my bag, I snapped and just looked at the loudest of the boys and said, "Yes, isn't it great that I have to go take a shot right now! What a fantastically exciting prospect!"

All I heard was dead silence on my way out the door.

I probably shouldn't have gotten so upset, but I don't know...

I ALWAYS get accused of skipping class. I'm going to the NURSE like maybe 2-3 times a week for some problem and THEN I have to deal with getting called down to the Dean's office because my teacher complained I missed ten minutes of her class!

School can be so frustrating!

Any similar experiences?

You aren't alone. It bugs me a lot too...

One time, my pump had been disconnected for so long and I didn't know how long exactly so I got very scared and broke down crying. Too make it worse, I couldn't find my meter. After that, people were making nasty comments about me being a cry baby yet if it had happened to them, they would've felt just as bad,

Also, whenever I am in class and found out i Had a low and would be taking glucose tabs, people would call them "diabetic pills" or candy and be like "ooh I want some" and take them from me and make me like jump to get them. They think it is so funny but it isn't. 

Dibetes+School= Bad idea.

But it's ok, hang in there are 3 words that get me thru every day

That stinks! :(


ignore them (the 3 boys). they have no business knowing why your going to the nurse unless they are diabetic as well. i know what thats like. at least they havent started a rumor about you being on drugs and needing to shoot up.

me and my nurse are good friends as well. im there a couple times a week with a low blood sugar. i never get accused of skipping class cause i return, but it bothers me when i go to walk out of the room and people whisper things to one another. i cant help but think that they are talking about me.


Oh. I've gotten those rumors before. I had a needle fall out of my bag once and the result was a nasty rumor.

I almost always come back to class too, but my school is wicked strict. Good old Catholic education!

I'm not in school anymore, so I don't have specific advice, but I'm sorry to hear it's tough for you. What seems worse than those boys is TEACHERS complaining about you missing class. Do they not know you have D? I like your response to the boys BTW!

I was low in 6th period so i had to eat a granola bar and my teacher made a scene in front of the whole class and she wouldn't letme talk to her quietly so I had to tell her in front of the whole class it's medical related... It was the first or seond week of school too so now everyone knows im not normal :(

Diabetes at school is a total bummer :( I have a most lows during 6th period so I usually have more homework... But I have a buddy who I always take with me to walk to the nurse.