iTouch apps for carb info--help!

Does anyone know if the Track 3 Diabetes Planner and Carb Counter app is still available for the iTouch? I had researched this app earlier, but now it seems it is no longer available!  I am trying to find an app that will replace the "Calorie King" book. I really liked this app because it had a ton of information, even more info than Calorie King, and it would be much easier for my daughter to have with her, instead of lugging the book around!

Hi Karen, If you go on your daughters ipod touch and go to the app store and hit search I typed it in and you can download that certain app for 5.99

Thanks, Livia!! I'll have her try that. She must have typed something in incorrectly!

Your welcome I just got an ipod touch so it was fun to type it in she can just type in diabetes planner and itll bring up a list and itll bring up the one you want! :)

I just tried to buy Track3 on iTunes an it told me that it wasn't available anymore. I'm a little disappointed...from what I read on here, it sounded really useful =(

Erica, I think I might be buying it soon so I will let you know if it works for me

It is no longer avalible