Its a hard not life for us

Diabetes SUCKS!

It especially sucks when you'd rather be going to the mall with friends instead of holding on a sec to check your blood sugar. Its tough being a teenager and having diabetes. You have better things to do than check blood sugars and count carbs all day long right? Well...wrong! Because i just discovered that by "not caring about it" to be frank, it could kill you.

Well first let me tell you a little about myself...

I'm Caela and I've had Diabetes for 9 years. I'm almost 15 now. I've had a rough past in terms of managing diabetes around ages 10-12ish. :/ My A1C was up to 11% and yeah.. that's not good. I had a relapse though and got it down to 8% and my blood sugars were doing alright. But since like August/September of last year, I guess you could say things have been going down hill. :p

I haven't been doing pre-meal checks, been lying about blood sugars to get my parents out of my hair, not doing correct carb counting, not taking enough insulin, not "caring" while i'd be out with my friends... When I step back to look at it its really bad and my managing has sucked big time!

My mom and me went to the diabetic doctor about a week ago to talk about the norm :p but we had talked about how high my blood sugars have been running and stuff. And she said if i keep them high, my A1C could be back to like 10%! It really didnt seem like a big deal to me. So what if my A1C is high? Its not ganna kill yaa. HA well actually, it can. 

The doctor had told us about one of her patients. She had had diabetes since she was 7 and when she was exactly my age, she just didn't care and didn't want anything to do with her diabetes.. so that's what she did. She didn't manage well because it didn't matter to her.. but later in her early 20's she had gone blind. Because of poor management. And 3 years later, had her leg amputated. Because of poor diabetes management. Now shes hospitalized with constant complications... because of bad management.

Not trying to really freak anyone out here. Trust me, it sure as heck freaked me out :p to be honest, to protect me, my mom never really told me about the complications that can come with diabetes if you dont properly manage. And i dont blame her cause its scary! But nows a good time she wakes me up to reality. If i dont care, i will die. And thats the cold truth. So this is my wake up call. NOW is my wake up call.

One of the ways to help was the glucose sensor.. But i didn't want to put it on because of past expierences. It hurts like crazzzy! And it is so annoying. But I have to suck it up and deal. Atleast for 5 days. So heres the plan. Tonight (Wednesday) - Sunday night i'm going to have this sensor on. I'm not going to school tomorrow or friday because me and mom are going to use these days as a workshop to get my diabetes is good manage.

 For these 5 days i will be precise carb counting, bolusing accurately, fasting to check my insulin and stuff that i dont understand ha ha ;p and being 100% accurate! I think i'm ready and i'm really hoping that i get a lot out of these 5 days and that i start managing better.

Hearing that story and thinking about my future really made me step back and think about what i'm doing to myself. Im glad i realized it now and not in 10 years. Diabetes is rough and i'm not going to lie. And if your like me and just dont want anything to do with it sometimes, just think about the outcome of it all. You get to live a long and healthy life. (: 

Well I really hope these 5 days go well and get me in waaay better control... If anyone has any questions or has any good tips for me in managing better please feel free to. :)

i'm a person that usually does what i'm told to do with my diabetes:) i got diagnosed on march 23rd of this year. It's really hard! but it helps in the end....i give my self shots 5 times a day along with blood checks 5 times a day. I hope you get used to the glucose sensor and get back on track! one of my parents friends only checks his blood sugar once a day, does one shot a day, and one shot of lantus at night. so now, he is having problems with his eyes. so what you do now with diabetes definetely helps with the future.

I still eat the things i want, and when people give me grief, i tell them to back off. cuz they aren't the one with this disease! Still remember to do what your doctor tells you though! i hope everything goes well for you! good luck! and im not trying to sound like i know everything, just trying to help out!

would love to chat with someone who has had type 1 diabetes a lot longer than i have had it!  diabetes is definetely rough, and for me, there were a lot of nights of crying.

~ Ruth:) diagnosed- March 23rd, 2011.

at the begginging of my life with diabetes i did VERY well, i loved the honeymoon period of it. But it has gotten harder, you see all of your friends doing whatever they want and at one point you want the same thing but then again you know that you have to do what is best for you... but there are some good parts to being a diabetic. Hope that things go good for you both and that ya'll are healthy all through out life :)